Lace Closure Guide

The thought of getting a lace closure can be nerve wrecking:

Will it look natural?

Will it last?

How will I maintain it?

 Let's just take a deep breath, take a second and pretend that the lace closure is just your leave out. Closures are a u-shape, just like the u-part portion left out in a traditional install. The lace closure fully covers that section, allowing you to have all of your hair braided up, away from heat and constant manipulation.

Glue-less installs tend to last longer, lasting about 4-6 weeks before the closure starts to lift back due to hair growth. Free part installs are suggested for those with sensitive edges, deeper edge lines, or fans of versatility. Free-part installs are predominately glue-less, but adhesive is used to tact down a bald cap, and the front of the lace closure. Once the glue begins to lose it's tackiness, maintenance is needed (generally 3-4 weeks).

Slim Stylez offers closure re-placements where the lace closure is removed and re-placed closer to its original placement. If your hair is too grown out and the perimeter braids are no longer in tact- this can't be done without damaging your natural hair. After 6 weeks a re-placement can't be done. It's time for a new install. 

 *Invest in a great closure (thin lace, not extremely dense), with small close together lace holes. Quality closures can be used for multiple installs if maintained properly. Slim Stylez includes customization with all services. It is best that you do not attempt to customize your closure. 

Look below for a glimpse of the customization process. 

 Many closures come in a generic color, with a generic hairline. Be sure to read product descriptions, and purchase a lace that is similar or lighter than your skin tone (never darker). Pre-plucked closures are preferred, although the closure still must be plucked, a natural hairline is easily achievable. There are numerous steps taken to make sure your lace closure looks as natural as possible. From bleaching, to plucking, to customizing the tone of the lace for the closest blend. 

Tips for maintenance at home:

1) ALWAYS cover the tracks around your lace closure. You can do this by:

- Wetting the closure: Mold the closure with styling foam: this assists in training and molding the hairs of the closure. After it dries, flat iron your closure into the direction you want it to fall. *You can also use a wax stick or a light amount of serum with this step, to handle fly-a-ways.

2) Concealer: allows you to match and blend your closure closer to your skin tone.

This isn’t required but gives a more natural appearance.. Apply as needed for a more natural looking part. You want to use a concealer that is similar to your skin tone towards the front of your part. Using a lighter concealer will highlight the lace. I suggest powder concealer.

3) Kinky/ Curly/ Deep wave styles are NOT low maintenance.

They must be consistently detangled to prevent excessive shedding. All closures need to be consistently cared for to optimize wear; curly textures just happen to get tangled easier. *Once the lace closure loses the hair, it loses that portion for good. 

4) If your lace closure begins to lift and you can’t make it in for a re-placement, use hair spray.

Pump it Up- spritz or Got2Be freeze- spray at the edge of the lace onto your skin/ NOT your hair. Push the closure down so that it melts and sticks. Use the blow dryer on cool/warm and walah! It's not a permanent hold, but it's a great temporary fix. Make sure to wash off build up, after each application. 

5) Keep your hair tied down with an elastic melt band during rest periods, to reduce daily maintenance.


Recommended Products: 

Below are my updated suggestions and alternatives! Feel free to have these items delivered to your doorstep via Amazon. They'll make it just in time for your appointment.


Lace Closure Re-placement Depending on your hair growth and maintenance, consider a lace re-placement around 4-6 weeks after your initial install. Installs using adhesive tend to shift around 3-4 weeks. In other words, whenever your lace begins to lift, or your natural edges are exposed, and unable to blend.. come in for a re-placement.

(Before & After)

Original sew in: January 9| Re-placement date: February 13




Original sew in: March 21| Re-placement date: April 16

Original sew in: December 18| Re-placement date: January 22

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