Why I don't suggest longer closures..


I rarely suggest purchasing longer closures.. I'm talking 16" inches and longer. Why do I say this? OK let's take it back. Do you remember when we wore traditional sew-ins and only that. The best traditional sew-ins were on those who had full edges and longer hair. When I say longer hair I don’t mean 18 inches, I mean 6 to 12 inches. Enough to cover the track and layer with our bang. Did you hear that? Layer with our bang. 

Typically the closure piece is our “leave out”, artificially lol. It’s typically significantly shorter than the back of our hair.

The most natural looking installs are layered. No one‘s hair is 18+ inches all around. Especially the hair around our face. Shorter closures kill excessive layering and chopping length off of longer closures that cost more anyways. When using a shorter closure sometimes the closure doesn’t even need layering. 

In the same breath, I can’t say longer extensions 24 inches and up, may require longer closures for the right layer ratio. Also from my experience, I've noticed that longer closures tend to shed more, leading to quicker balding of the closure. 

I’m not saying by a 14 inch closure with 24 inches. But I am saying You do not need a 20 inch closure to match 24 inches. Not even 18”.. 16” will work fine. ESPECIALLY if you’re layering bundle lengths (ie. 20,22,24+ 16” closure), or going for a bang.


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