Smash, Kill, Marry- Haircare Edition

Edge control, Gel, Styling foam : 
I just recently reconnected with edge control and it prompted me to fill y’all in. Before  here recently, it’s been years since I actually used it, but it give such a sleek look.
Here are some of my favorite styling supplies. 

Reasons why I love: 

Gel - dries quickly, good to apply over edge control, to lock it in. Some gels enhance curls (Pure HD- Keravada, Flax seed gel, and Eco Styler.)  

Styling foam - Gives a soft/ natural look and molds the style minimizing daily use. (Nairobi, Ebin has one super similar to Nairobi, but I can't find it online, check your local beauty supply) 

 Edge control - Gives a sleek bold look, allows you to lift hair higher when styling bangs, and assists with flyaways for sleek looks. (Ebin, Arcani)


Gel - On natural hair it can be drying, which leads to breakage. It eventually gets gunky over time, requiring a thorough wash. Some gels are too light and don’t hold styling as well.  

Styling foam - You need time, to wrap it down after application, so that it dries and sticks. If the foam is alcohol based it’ll cause adhesive to loose it’s tackiness and lace to lift, if you're not gentle and quick. 

Edge control - takes form of what you brush it with. (Comb streaks and brush streaks), makes the baby hairs clump together. It typically eventually builds up or melts, leaving a residue if ignored.


Gel: Stronger edge controls like got2b and gorilla snot are used for weaves, and softer gels like flax seed gel and eco styling gel for natural hair when. 

Styling foam: If your install is glued, work quickly but not roughly. Use the styling foam at night, and tie it down so that it’s ready and LAID by the morning. Smoothly brush it out after removing your edge band for the most natural look. 

 Edge control: Wipe off build up, don’t keep applying over old edge control. Eventually it becomes a mess. Take a rag and literally wash your edges. If your install is glued, a little of edge control goes away. Try to use styling foam more than edge control. Try to use the edge control to style the actual strands for styling purposes vs. putting it on the lace for baby hairs. ** Sometimes taking just a little bit of water, and rubbing it over the edge control until dry, reactivates it whilst removing build up in one.



So my answer is: We're smashing the edge control, because it comes in handy when you need it, quick & easy to apply. For protective style purposes, we're killing gel, because.. it can be a bit complicated and  high maintenance. But we're marrying styling foam, fasho. Styling foam, it has the most natural appearance, and you don't have to have "the talk" everyday. You just apply, and it molds to last.

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