S.T.D'S Socially Transmitted Dysfunction

Be the influencer, DON'T BE INFLUENCED. 
We live in an influencer culture! Where popular people are paid or compensated for promoting products and ideas. I watched a movie "The Joneses", about a family planted in a neighborhood to influence the community to live more upscale. Although the movie is a radical example, I see it happening in front of me.

Women's care routines are extremely intricate now...

But have many of us been swayed into living these lavish lifestyles and new expenses? 

I was looking at a Meg Thee Stallion post, where someone asked her who waxes her legs.. She responded she doesn't get waxes anymore, she gets laser hair removal.. There were so many tweets, regarding laser hair removal inquiries and interest! & don't get me wrong, there's nothing wrong with investing in self care.. But it's like... did anyone fail to remember that Meg has witnessed a substantial increase in income and opportunity! Just because she's permitted to upgrade doesn't mean, that you are... RIGHT AT THIS MOMENT! Maybe you're still in your razor and shaving cream stage, maybe you're still in the waxing stage, and maybe your indeed ready for laser hair removal.. But let your decisions be motivated by your budget, and whats close to your heart. You go broke keeping up with the latest fads, especially if you're incorporating every new hot trend.. 

Check out the following S.T.D EPIDEMICS... 
1) Social Media-itis: 
Symptoms:  excessive scrolling, comparison, feeling behind or not not enough. 
Long Term: false sense of reality. 
Prevention Methods: 
  • Budget your time. Don't spend all day on social media, meditating on other peoples lives, thoughts, opinions.
  • Be realistic... Not too many people post the good and the bad. The things you look at and manifest into your life, can be the deceptive smoke and mirrors. In other words, a false representation of what's really real. 

"SMOKE AND MIRRORS: The obscuring and embellishing of the truth of a situation with misleading or irrelevant information. 

  • Remember the goals and aspirations that are uniquely yours. Don't be swayed by the public's actions and the popular opinions. God planted a purpose in you, others may not understand or see it (and that's okay)..
2) Manifestation Fast: 

    There's this trend of writing and making it plain.. Cool and harmless right? But what if we’re writing and wishing things over our lives that only comfort our brokenness? or permit our half ass-ness? What if we're trying to avoid the biggest step? Preparation... Yes.. Uncomfortable.. SURELY! but necessary.. 

    That's the thing about this "manifestation culture".. What you want today, may not be for you! Where you are today, is not where you will always be.. 

    Prevention Methods: Let life work!!! Don't focus on generalizations about what you're supposed to be doing at your age, where you could be, what you THINK you're missing out on, or any of the shoulda, coulda, wouldas. Know that you are uniquely and wonderfully made and your story is personalized just for you & THAT'S OKAY!

    3) Process-less plague

    Don't quit your day job to follow somebody else's dreams. It's okay to be inspired, and it's perfectly fine to be motivated but it's essential to do what you love, and love what you do. (Disregarding the seasons, that you're called to be "the worker") This sparks innovation, innovation that will reflect you! So many want the results, with skipping the process. Sure the process is filled with uncertainty, some confusion, and self work... but the process forms discipline, encourages consistency, and prepares you for the blessings along the way. The process shouldn't be skipped...

    Prevention Methods: There is no cure, but this STD can go away on its own, over time. Brainstorming and thoroughly evaluating your mind and where you are, can be life changing. Meditate on and influence your own thoughts! If left uncured, you will ATTEMPT to walk someone else's blueprint, and leave your mission unfulfilled. 

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