Is it expensive? or is someone being cheap?

It’s like everybody wants quality, but people rarely want to pay for it. Don’t get me wrong, I know we probably all have some homegirls and cousins, that can do bomb hair for the low (which has it's pros and cons).. but when going to professionals or experts whom exhibit unquestionable talent... let them price their product, without being bullying them because you don’t have it or don't want to pay it. Especially if you admire the product or service.. Debating the price is almost like you feel so entitled to it, that you expect the business to stoop down to what you consider affordable or fair. We don't do it with Walmart, Target or any mainstream stores.. Instead we simply find substitutes or choose to leave the product behind. So it's not fair to small businesses when prospects try to direct and determine what they deem the worth to be. 

And this discussion isn’t explicit to beauty services. When people charge their assessment of what they're worth.. a common attitude is “I’m not about to pay her bills”, and that’s wack. The convenience of you not having to create the product/ service, alone comes with a price... not to mention the entrepreneurs "RISK"; the risk of investing in a product or service, or the tools to create a product or service not knowing if it's going to be profitable or not, comes with a price.. There are so many factors that influence pricing.

And totally I know, SOME PEOPLE BE TRIPPING.. charging an arm and a leg to play, practice, and experiment. That's why you determine what you want, compare suppliers and providers, and asses what you'll be willing to pay for it.. If there are outliers, that are more on the expensive side- perhaps for an enhanced customer service experience, detailed packaging or whatever the reasoning may be.. One of my mottos: "it's expensive to be cheap", this doesn't mean to filter the prices from high to low, but it does mean to conduct proper research.. & generally when you do this, you see there's a reason why lower quality products are cheaper and higher quality products come with a larger price tag. 

Many people go into these facebook groups and social media pages looking for the lowest price, with the best work! In this season I've literally seen so many complaints of "scamming", and "false advertisement', simply because people choose to be sold a dream. Especially during pandemic times.. Everybody is hungry, and although it's not fair.. people are catfishing, and actually phishing, left and right to make their coins. Our defense is to be extra cautious when making purchase decisions. Scrolling for the cheapest price isn't the best way to do so.

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