Is cultural appropriation disrespect? or are we just sensitive!?

At this point, I feel like all cultures mutually inspire each other.

From recipes, music, fashions, slang and so on. Whether it’s on purpose or just something that someone admires, not necessarily knowing its origin.


If someone’s not blatantly disrespecting the culture. I honestly don’t feel like there’s anything wrong with admiring it, or tastefully incorporating it. If one isn’t taking credit for creating “the thing”, then I think it should be more flattering than offensive.


Is getting a henna tattoo or eating with chopsticks,  cultural appropriation or is it just a cool experience?

Is wearing extensions that differ from your natural hair, cultural appropriation, a convenience or just trying a new look?

Is wearing a top knot cultural appropriation or just a really cute look that you tried out, that you didn't know originated in Korea?

And lets just think about the evolution of the mohawk, braids, mullets, skinny jeans, and how these things have crossed cultures... 

Pretty much what I'm saying is nothing is new under the sun.. If it's been done, it'll be done again... Although it's perfectly fine to educate others of the origins of things.. No one seriously has sole ownership of anything, unless it's trademarked or patented and even with those, there's an expiration date.

We can even talk about ladies like the Kardashians, who may make their skin darker or maybe make their lips look fuller, and whatever else they do.. But why be offended? They're mimicking something that they obviously admire... Why not be flattered?

You may be saying "Well Slim.. they mimic our features and take our men and profit from our culture..."


The United States is a melting pot, where many cultures live and influence one another. It's also a capitalistic society, that has minimal ethics involved when considering making a profit. When these people see what's trendy or what they can manipulate to be trendy... They will attempt to make a profit. We cannot be upset, all we can be is better. Stop showing so much support and attention to these celebrities and their brands, to begin creating our own professional brands, embracing our own features, and teaching our offsprings to do the same.

Changing the mindset from victim to victor. 

Another quick point... curves and body build aren't necessarily cultural. I'm actually still waiting on my lil' curves & I'm 99.999% black. When we defend things like this, we're defending a stereotype. Some black women get bbl's as do . hispanic, and white women.. the list goes on. They're combatting genetics not culture. 

& sad to say it Sus, but if that man wants that woman and her artificial upgrades...  Leave him be! Some men have this craving for "mixed children", that foreign feel, or that barbie look that the media has promoted as "perfection". Many of those men have been successfully programmed. And some, that's just their preference.. It's like now a days we shame people for just being who they are, or just liking what they like... Just let them be. There are plenty of black men and even other races of men out here that love an authentic black woman...  you don't have to debate with them or talk them into loving you.  I think we should let those men be our audience.


In 2020, we have the power to be educated and break generation curses. We are too brilliant and wise to be fooled. It's time to step out of the shadow of what the media has said we are and actually be who we are! Not accepting the stereotypes, and no longer making ignorant, unsupported opinions relevant! Owning the culture is living it. Our culture is bomb, people are bound to want to experience it, and dabble in it. & It's okay to let them! MOST cultures (cough, cough), have significantly contributed to the world in some way. Why contribute greatness if it can't be shared and experienced? Just know your power and live in it. Artificial could never beat what's naturallll. 

I could go way deeper but I'll leave it here for now... There's so much more I'd love to discuss.. like how we've accepted stereotypes as culture, and how the media has assigned us stereotypes and we've accepted many of those things. It's so important to me that we understand that we are the influencers, not to be influenced! Please leave your thoughts, and there is more to come.

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