"Cancel Culture"

Everyone won’t have the same energy about every topic. Someone has to care about the animals, someone has to care about racism, someone else has to care about human trafficking, while others focus on body positivity, financial literacy in poverty stricken communities, workplace discrimination, global warming, etc.. & to be honest. some people just aren't that deep...
Some are focused on more casual causes, and dilemmas because that's all their mental capacity can handle.. and some are just here to simply take up space. 
We are all comprised of different opinions, passions, and mindsets.. There is no way possible for each individual to focus on and fight each topic. Everybody won’t feel how you feel, and you can’t make them. Everyone won’t understand your fire, everyone won’t respect your passion... and that’s okay. All you can do is speak your peace and do your part to make a change in what your most passionate about. Be prepared to bring light to your topic (educate and communicate), but always know... You waste so much energy and valuable time arguing with others, trying to get them to see life through your lenses.
God modified your lenses for you.
You have a special prescription...  Rather it be your experiences, environment, background, or personal struggles that has molded your mindset and beliefs, to make you who you are.
We live in this "Cancel Culture", that when you don't stand in agreeance with the masses... You can loose your social circle, means of living and even your safety.
For instance.. I was on Twitter. This artist, created drawings of thicker, voluptuous characters. They were well illustrated, and thought out, but she was then dragged for not including all body types...
In my opinion, That is not her job... her only job is to create what she’s led to create. If someone sees her creation, and is inspired or sees another view...
The same goes for this new found disgust with the movie "The Help", many of us originally admired the movie because it tackled a time and subject that wasn't generally discussed or highlighted. Now in this "cancel culture", it begins to receive criticism and backlash because it supposedly carries a "white woman savior tone".. The movie has been fine for years and now it's a problem... I personally feel like, if you don't like the story line.. go create your own. But you can not bully peoples creativity. 
It’s like now days, you have to include everyone, when in fact that is not your job. It’s literally impossible to be all inclusive, in a world full of so many different causes. It takes the fun out of life; like you can’t even be yourself. You can’t fight for your own cause, or speak to your own group, because of the fear of leaving someone out. That takes the passion out of your fight, it takes the joy out of your creativity. 
Just the other night JK Rowling received backlash, for referring to “women who menstruate”
*trigger warning*, I am queen of unfavorable opinions, if you are sensitive...
please exit now.
Although it would be great for her to be Tran inclusive... THAT WAS NOT WHO HER MESSAGE WAS FOR. She should not be held accountable for having to include a group of people that her message was not meant for. Some messages are addressed to a specific audience “target audience”... that audience is chosen by the sender of the message. The audience can’t dictate who the sender is targeting, period.
This does not mean she doesn’t love or at least respect trans people.. this simply means that’s not who her message is for.
We can even get more raw... what if she said something like.. for white women only... EVEN BETTER. This does not mean that she doesn’t care about black women, but simply that is not who her message is for. 
To be offended or to not be offended? Every message won’t be for you.
Let's take it a step further...
what if she actually made a statement, bashing black/ trans/ etc women... That is the beauty of life and freedom of speech. You know where people’s real thoughts are, and they should be able to express that . You know where to hold them, how to interact with them and who to look out for. The day that people hide their true feelings, thoughts and motives to blend in with the public.. is a scary day... It literally reminds me of that black mirrors episode with the "social scoring".. If you don't know what I'm talking about, go take a look at it. (Nosedive- Season 3, episode 1).
! Don't get me wrong! In the same breath I can say, when targeting a specific group with open hate or bashing, the group is liable to bark back, cancel or do whatever out of defense. However, there is beauty in knowing who and what you're dealing with; rather than standing in a world full of people trying to be politically correct and righteous.. not because thats who they are but because they fear the backlash... Meaning they are still comprised of those same ill thoughts but instead lay undercover to protect themselves publicly, but privately still holding that same mindset.
Chris brown was cancelled for speaking on his preference...
B. Simone was cancelled for speaking on hers.. 
It's like we're bullying people to be all inclusive.. So we no longer know the actual person behind the talent... because we're ultimately expecting them to put on for every cause. That’s what many of our “favs” do... they hide behind what the public wants to hear, to ensure that they can keep your respect, and your coins. Whether it's issuing a pr statement, donating proceeds, or whatever... it's all strategy! 
Many of these celebrities aren’t standing with you off camera, or media. They make their large contributions and bogus statements, because it’s a “social responsibility”; which brings back a return: keeps them relevant, and respected. it makes them look good, to agree with the mass mindset of their audiences rather they mean it or not.
Public relations teams know us, they study our reactions and interactions and they adjust accordingly.
*** Last point: I watched a live of @india_arie_ and she made some legitimate points. We don't cancel our bosses that haven't spoken up on certain topics, because that's our livelihood. We don't cancel China, the ones who treat black people like absolute trash, but love to make a coin off of us. Why? because thats where 90% of our items come from (especially our hair). We sit back and knit pick who we want to cancel based off of status and convenience.. But what I notice is 9/10 we're cancelling the people that were real enough to speak their mind, and be themselves. Many people rather for their ears to be tickled and finessed, than to hear the raw truths and realities from different perspective. We no longer know how to agree to disagree and keep the main task at the forefront. We get distracted and forget that it's okay to disagree and move forward. 
 I basically said all of this to say.. Keep the focus on the cause that you're fighting for. The goal isn't to get everyone else to understand it (because every single person, simply wont)...The energy you spend trying to convert others to understand or punish others for not understanding, takes the energy that you could be putting toward the cause its self. We can either cancel and knit pic every person in thats subjectively "wrong", or we can boss up.. and show out by supporting, educating, advocating and portraying what our cause really stands for. 

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